How to Turn Instagram Posts into a Blog 

Don’t let your Instagram posts that you worked hard on be forsaken and forgotten, in fact you can recycle them by turning them into a blog! 

For example, let’s say you created a new post and written a pretty catch caption and clicked on the button to publish it. 

But imagine if someone wants to learn more about the topic you talked about? Where will they find more information?  

Most will try for a Google search, but wouldn’t it be better if they refer to your blog especially if it is related to your business? 

The answer is: Definitely, and by doing so your Instagram content will help you boost your visibility, credibility, as well as website traffic. 

Needless to say, it is the most streamlined way to take advantage of the content which already exists, and this is why: 

  • Better findability:  By writing a dedicated blog post on whatever subject or product you’ve mentioned in your Instagram caption you allow said text to be indexed in search engines. In other words, people will be able to find information related to it so much faster and easier. 
  • Increased traffic: This point is directly related to the former one; now that people have an easy access to your blog, your website will naturally and organically gain more audience and clicks. 

These were the reasons why you should turn your Instagram posts into a blog, but if you clicked on this article hoping for tips on the “how?” part just keep on reading! 

Use Instagram Guides as Your Blog Outline 

When it comes to writing a blog post, the outline is actually the hardest part. Figuring out the basis of your work is no easy feat, and you need a strong and solid foundation in order to produce high quality results. So, if you find yourself at a dead end whenever you open a blank sheet to start writing, you can turn to Instagram Guides to help you make things easier. 

In fact, Instagram Guides are a simple way to create handy, long-term content on the platform. By using it you are able to smoothly collect related posts whether stories, or feed uploads, according to the subject that you want to facilitate the process of discovery for your audience and help them reach the information they are looking for rapidly. 

Since guides are a tool used to organize information and content into one single place, they can be very useful when creating blog post outlines. This can be a life saver for people who are out of ideas or don’t have the time to write long-forms since it works as a resource for planning your content ahead of time. 

Start by determining the general theme of your blog, which can be then turned into the title, and after transform all these related posts of the same subject into subheading and you’ll get yourself a fully structured article. 

Turn a Blog Outline into an SEO-Friendly Post 

After we’re done and over with the outline part, now it’s time to start thinking about the content of the article. 

All you need to do is copy and paste, yeah, I’m not joking; just copy the captions from the Instagram posts that you’ve used as subheading before and paste them under their respective ones. Of course, some tweaking and editing is necessary to ensure the cohesiveness and fluidity of the article and to fill in any logical gaps. This can be easily done thanks to the A.C.E method: 

  • A stands for Adjust: here you need to ask yourself what needs to removed, added, or worded differently. 
  • C stands for Combine: this is step helps recognize what content is related, either by theme or subject, and can be added together to create a whole new lengthy content. 
  • E stands for Expand: after combining everything and putting the bits and pieces together, take the time to observe the result and see if there is a way for you to expand on some point or explain something more. 

If you try following these steps, you will notice how much easier and faster content creation can be rather than starting from a blank slate each time. 

Increase Your Organic Reach 

Now that you’ve written all the sections of your blog post, there are some things that you must keep in mind in order to take advantage of it to the fullest and generate more organic traffic to your website: 

  • Contrary to popular belief, you need to write with your audience in mind first and the search engines second. 
  • Make sure to include relevant keywords in both your title and subheads. 
  • It is always a good idea to add internal links that takes you to other content in your website as long as it’s relevant to the topic at hand. 
  • Outbound links that further confirm your credibility about certain information and subjects can be very helpful, so don’t hesitate to add them here and there. 
  • Add at least one relevant image to the subject in your blog. 

If you managed to make it to the end of this article, then congrats! You are now able to unleash the full potential of your content with your new blog.  Yes, Instagram is the ideal platform when it comes to interacting with your audience and putting your brand and business in the spotlight, but now you can take even more advantage of it by turning your old and new Instagram posts that brought you a lot of interaction and new potential clients into SEO-friendly blog posts for those who appreciate reading a lengthy piece of writing or just looking for further information on your product or service, so at the end of the day It’s a win-win situation! 


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