Why You Should Invest in Social Media Marketing 

Social media has become the number one place to go if you need to promote your new business or to reach more people in general. And that is no surprise, with the ever-growing media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now especially TikTok, they are reaching an enormous number of users all around the world who are just waiting to hop on the newest trend, so why not use that to your advantage! 

Want more? When it comes to holding an event or launching a new campaign, you will have free of cost, easy to access media marketing simply by creating an engaging post on any one of the aforementioned platforms, sounds like a good deal right? There’s even more: 


You’ve probably realized by now that social media marketing is way cheaper than printing, which you would assume we will not be bringing anything new to the table. Ut while that’s true and all, it’s not the only factor, in fact, it is cost-effective in the sense that guarantees an incredible return on investment. Let’s think about it this way; if you decide to be safe and follow the traditional way by printing leaflets and pamphlets you will have to cover the cost of manufacturing and distribution since you will need to run a letter drop in your intended area, which will more than likely end up at the bottom of people’s bins. 

On the other hand, if you follow the digital method and run targeted ads on media platforms, you have a much bigger chance of reaching a high intent and qualified audience, which will automatically lead to a wider range of interaction and engagement on your content. 

To put it in fewer words, the cost of social media marketing can be up to 20 times cheaper than the old traditional way, that’s what we like to hear right? And even more, you will be able to monitor and check your analytics as often as you want to see how your campaign is doing. 

Higher Intent Consumers 

If we were to compare both sides, the traditional method allows you to send your advertisement to all the people in the area which can be good and all but, social media marketing will only send it to your target audience. How is this better you ask? Well, if your ad is only seen by people who are interested in your service/product you will be saving yourself a lot of time and effort while getting great results at the same time. This target audience is automatically created by social media platforms via the use of data and intelligent algorithms so you don’t have to worry about doing all the hard stuff yourself!  But if you stick to the traditional way, your ad that you spent your money, time and dedication on will end up in various households in which its members do not care about what you are trying to sell or promote and you will be losing more than what you are earning, that’s why we say play smart not hard! 

Build Brand Trust 

As we have mentioned before, social media marketing gives you the ability to reach your preferred audience thanks to its developed algorithm, and because of this feature, you will be appearing in their timelines often enough to a point where they start recognizing your brand and name. By doing so, they will associate it with whatever service or product you are trying to promote and will help you grow either by word of mouth or by sharing it on whichever platform you are using. But you must keep in mind that this trust could be easily broke, thus, you need to earn their loyalty by being authentic, trustworthy and honest. A good way of doing so that is not possible in the traditional method is by posting customer reviews; by showing potential clients that people were satisfied with your product or service will help you in building brand trust, awareness and recognition, and since this had been made super easy with social media don’t be afraid to make them public. 

Better Communication 

This is a point that many entrepreneurs or business owners forsake and take for granted, but it is in fact very crucial in building your link with your clients. Social media platforms make for easy and quick communication tools that allow customers to reach representatives faster if they ever wish to make a query or give their opinions on some matter. Moreover, it will help you engage with your audience and become closer to them in meaningful ways. In fact, all big and popular brands take advantage of social media to interact with their following in a friendly way to break the ice and show their human side to them. If you see in the picture down below, McDonald’s were replying to a funny tweet with a joke of their own to keep things lively and lighthearted, so take notes and start tweeting away! 

McDonald’s Twitter

Seen as social media is taking over, there is no need for you to stay behind and remain loyal to the good old ways, especially since more than half the population are using these platforms to make their purchases. We can start counting the benefits of digital marketing but I assure you the number is way too high; from helping you build brand awareness and trust, to being cost-effective and relatively cheaper, and allowing you to reach your target audience very easily and stress-free, social media marketing is the answer for any business whether big or small, so hop on the digital universe and become part of the social media marketing world. 


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