Pros and Cons of Scheduling Your Post on Social Media 

Have you ever felt like you need another copy of yourself in order to manage everything? Yeah, I’ve been there. But it can be especially difficult if you are a business or a website owner and need to take care of everything on your own, to a point where you find yourself discarding small details so that you can make time for bigger tasks.  This also applies to posting and managing social media platforms, which are quite the necessary tool that every business, small or not, greatly needs in order to promote itself. In a time where everyone is constantly on their phones or laptop, one must take advantage of social media if they wish to reach more clients and gain a larger audience, and that can only be done by posting constantly, and if what said before applies to you, then I’d assume that your next best choice is to schedule your posts.  

If that’s the case, then carry on reading since this blog post is dedicated to the pros and cons of scheduling to help you in making your decision! 

Pros of Scheduling Social Media Posts 

The ability to schedule your posts in advance sounds like a too good to be true solution to those with no time to waste, and in some aspects, it is exactly that. Here are some of our favorite advantages of scheduling: 

  • Time Management 

By far the most appealing and noteworthy pro, scheduling your posts on social media will allow you to save a lot of unnecessary time spend choosing and uploading on various platforms. You can plan everything at the start of the week by dedicating a few hours of your day in picking the best posts according to each network and scheduling them to be uploaded to your preferred time. It will then be automatically posted and you won’t need to log in each time to do so manually.  This method will allow you to dedicate that free time to ore important tasks that need your attention, also, if you use a respectable tool, you will have the ability to access all your platforms from one single place, very convenient isn’t it! 

  • Strategy 

Another big advantage of scheduling your posts is creating a marketing strategy. Thanks to the possibility of thinking about what to post in advance, you will be able to personalize all your posts to fit in with your brand. Nothing better than aesthetic profile to attract the attention of people, and added to the visual impact of your posts, you can also make sure that everything you upload lives up to your values and beliefs as brand so that you can offer an authentic image of yourself to your audience. 

  • Flexibility 

Worried about whether or not your post will reach your targeted audience?  Scheduling will solve this problem for you thanks the flexibility it gives you when it comes to choosing when to post you content. By doing so, you can automatically find the peak hours instead of having to worry about appropriate uploading time.  

Cons of Scheduling Social Media Posts 

Now that we got all the positive features out of the way, you must also consider the negative side of the spectrum. Yes, scheduling is very beneficial on multiple aspects, we can’t disagree with that fact, but we also can’t oversee its disadvantages, so here is what you need to look out for: 

  • Lack of Social Awareness and/or Relevance 

We’re all aware of how fast paced the internet is, and what is trending today would be old news tomorrow. For that reason, scheduling and creating your posts in advance can put you at a risk of being outdated and out of the loop, or addressing inappropriate situations. You will also lose your chance of committing specific posts to relevant events and holidays.   

  • Engagement 

There’s no faster way of creating a bong with your followers than interacting with them and answering their queries. Unfortunately, if you plan on scheduling all your posts you will end up losing that privilege since you won’t be active on those platforms anymore.  Yes, it can be time consuming but is also oh so rewarding especially if you manage to convert your audience to potential clients by talking and interacting with them! 

  • Mistakes and Redundancy 

You have to keep in mind that if you schedule your posts too far in advance can result in redundant posts that no one wants to see. It can also put you at risk of linking your content to a story that is left far behind which can negatively affect your image and put you at a great disadvantage with your competitors, so you should be on the lookout for that. 

To wrap things up, you can see what works and what does not through trial and error, yes it can be a risky move but it can also be life changing. Managing social media can be very taxing and time consuming especially for small businesses that don’t have the people or time to spare, so scheduling can be the best course of action in this situation. 

If you are still hesitating or having any questions concerning this issue, hit us up at Growapp, or even better, give our scheduling tool a try and see if it is the thing for you or not!  


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